We have an extensive collection of e-learning services, including tailored Learning Management System (LMS), e-learning strategy, online course design and development as well as online e-commerce marketing, blended with years of expertise in designing and delivering technology-enhanced e-learning courses focused on leadership, social and emotional learning, career readiness and sports coaching for students, teachers, athletes, coaches and the wider community.


The challenge was to work towards optimizing the site thoroughly for SEO purposes and in building links to earn higher Google rankings (links are a signal to Google that the site is a quality resource worthy of citation). Secondly, this site required a dedicated SEO strategy that would make it grow in organic search rankings, eventually driving more business. Third major challenge was to compete with the highly established competitors with established top position in organic rankings. Digital Errors categorized the goals in three simpler ways mentioned below:

  • Secure top ranking on Google for all priority keywords.
  • Constantly review and adjust keywords targeting to generate maximum organic traffic on crucial landing pages.
  • Closely monitoring and tracking the improvements in rankings & traffic, to ensure this success actually helps drive more registrations.


Initially, Digital Errors started this campaign with a site that had minimal SEO value and with almost no organic rankings. Keywords are accordingly finalized with major focus on the below mentioned:

  • Future Skills of the Workforce
  • Young Leaders in Schools
  • Emerging Leaders in Sport

Upon a detailed review of top-ranking competitors, Digital Errors provided recommendations for creating 150+ new landing pages which directly targeted the selected keywords. These were all content-rich landing pages, the content structure & drafts were prepared based on comprehensive competitive research and using SEO best practices.


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With our specialized SEO services and quality link building activities, we managed to deliver impressive results within months. Below is the rankings & traffic growth achieved within the first year of the SEO campaign:

Ranking Growth (200 primary keywords):

 March, 2020March, 2021
# of keywords in Top10165

Top Ranking Keywords

#KeywordBaseline RankingLatest Ranking
1student athlete career development781
2school captain qualities762
3grip conferenceNot in Top1002
4leadership learning centreNot in Top1002
5emergent leaders in sportNot in Top1002
6student leadership773
7sports leadersNot in Top1003
8communication in sportsNot in Top1003
9athletic leadersNot in Top1003
10character building programsNot in Top1003
11student leadership workshopNot in Top1003
12effective student leadership173
13student leadership resources123
14ncca leadership developmentNot in Top1003
15life skills classNot in Top1005
16team sportsmanshipNot in Top1005
17teaching standards nswNot in Top1006
18australian curriculum lessonsNot in Top1006
19360 leadershipNot in Top1006
20school leadership projectsNot in Top1006
21abc grandstandNot in Top1007
22nesa students onlineNot in Top1007
234csNot in Top1007
24team captainNot in Top1007
25school leadership trainingNot in Top1007
26nesa teacher accreditationNot in Top1008
27leaguesafe courseNot in Top1008
28life skills high schoolNot in Top1008
29student athlete development378
30teaching and learning cycleNot in Top1009
31nesa teaching standardsNot in Top1009
32janisonelearningNot in Top1009
33life skills worksheetsNot in Top1009
34school of leadership419
35job ready programNot in Top10010
36janison portalNot in Top10010
37types of coachingNot in Top10010
38evolution education programNot in Top10010


Traffic Growth:

The above growth is only from the first 12 months of the campaign, and this SEO campaign has only scratched the surface. There is immense opportunity for growth through Organic search and rankings & traffic are only going to go up from the current levels.

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