Perfect Glasses is a leading player in online prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses in United Kingdom and across European Union. They supply top-quality prescription glasses with plastic, polycarbonate, and glass lenses and one can choose from a collection of over 1000 pairs of glasses for men and women.

In order to get a pair of prescription glasses from the website, all you need is an optical prescription. Perfect Glasses has made the process simple. To send the prescription to them, enter it online or click on it with your smartphone. You can anticipate receiving them within 7 working days of placing your order!

In general, "Your Money or Your Life" pages are those that are concerned with money and regular life occurrences and provide information on financial, legal, or medical matters or provide advise on linked life difficulties.

The goal of the medic update was to lower the rankings of medical and health-related websites that were unattractive to users, had poor content, spread false information, or lacked credibility.


Perfect Glasses website, got caught in Google medic update and the website severely lost its organic presence, organic traffic and thus conversions. From 1977 top ranked keywords before the update, the website was left with only 231 keywords positions by the time the update got settled in December 2018. The organic traffic dropped by 70%.



The Google Medic update is one of the most impactful updates in the recent past. After the update Google makes a big deal out of a new acronym – E-A-T – which stands for ExpertiseAuthoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Google would value YMYL websites more which are Experts in their space, has Authority and can be Trustworthy.

The first and most important step was to put together an initial list of issues which might have triggered the penalty.

Experts at Digital Errors did a detailed on-site and off-site technical evaluation of the website, did thorough analysis of Google webmaster & analytics data, conducted deep backlinks study and with previous hands-on experience of medic penalty, came up with following action plan to improve the E-A-T factors on the website.

  • Website changes to improve brand reputation and enhance authority – Detailed content enhancement recommendations covering optician profiles, association/ hyperlinks to medical bodies, new pages highlighting awards, press mentions and recognitions, prominence to customer support & return policies etc.
  • Regular social media outreach campaign to boost brand authority and trustworthiness.
  • Detailed technical SEO audit included not only suggestions to fix serious problems such as duplicate URLs, SSL URL problems, etc. but also focused on improving crucial site elements such as Google data structure, Breadcrumbs, Pagination, and URL Structure.
  • Researched and finalized a list of targeted key phrases that the site can be targeted for, from thousands of potential keyword options.
  • Flagship Content Development – Creation of flagship content pieces in the form of How-to Guides, Webinars, Research Articles, Infographics, and more. Refresh all existing content on the website.
  • Perform backlinks audit to identify and remove/ disavow toxic links in accordance to Google webmaster guidelines.
  • Analyze backlinks profile of top competitor and plan and execute new link building opportunities.

Since different sections of the site required separate optimization approaches, individual recommendations were provided to improve the performance of Categories, Brands, & Blog section. Digital Errors worked in close co-ordination with Perfect Glasses IT team in timely implementation of all recommended changes on the website.


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Within 3 months of starting the campaign and execution of SEO strategies, Organic rankings improved by over 60% and Organic traffic improved by 180%. Improved organic visibility helped increase organic conversions on the website by 90%. Improvement in organic visibility is directly related to improvement in website authority score.

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