Bappi Radi

Professional Video Editor | Videographer | Digital Content Creator |

Hi! I’m Bappi Radi.

I am a professional video editor with over 6+ years of work experience in videography and video post-production. I can edit your videos professionally and can help turn your raw video into a great story with a clean best professional look.

✔The most important thing is Video editing is not just my job, It’s my passion and love.

✔So I can assure you that you’ll get the best outcome from your raw footage. You can see the feedback from my clients for a better understanding of the quality of my work.

✔What I can do?

👉 Talking head videos(Talking in-front of the camera)

👉 Zoom Interviews

👉 Podcasts

👉 Text Animations

👉 Travel Vlogs

👉 Subtitles

👉 Audio Editing

👉 Vlog

👉 Video from voice-over

👉 Color Correction

👉 Any kind of Transitions

👉 Social media content

👉 Slideshow

👉 Promos

👉 Event videos

👉 Advertisements

👉 Real Estate

👉 Highlights

👉 Montage

👉 Funny videos(memes,sound effects etc)

👉 Intros and Outros and much more

✔I am very proficient In Adobe After Effect and Adobe Premiere Pro. ✔Finally, please feel free to ask me any of your questions, I will be happy to help! I’m looking forward to working together, let’s get started!

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