Cloud Development

Having a dependable and secure cloud to support your company's daily operations gives you peace of mind.

World is switching to cloud!

Everyone is getting rid of online servers and offline storage stuff. Digital Errors comes up with an updated support in cloud technologies as well like AWS, Docker, Jetkins, Oracle, DevOps, and many more.

Our Services

All of the computing you need in just one place, Digital Errors provides end-to-end services to cover all aspects of cloud application implementation — cloud app consulting, cloud app development and testing, cloud app security services, cloud app integration with other cloud and on-premises apps, cloud app infrastructure management.


Cloud Consulting

All businesses investing in cloud applications must adhere to specific best practices, regardless of their level of cloud maturity or short- and long-term business plan. They should prepare and implement a thorough cloud adoption strategy in order to fully utilize the potential of the cloud, increase business agility, and lower spending on cloud projects. Digital Errors has assisted hundreds of clients in planning and completing a successful transformation in a hybrid, private, or public cloud as a trusted partner of major cloud service providers. Cloud readiness assessment, appraisal of the present tech stack and selection of the best cloud-based setup, design of the cloud architecture and roadmap, and creation of cloud-based PoCs (proof-of-concepts) are some of the cloud consulting services offered by Digital Errors.

Assessment and Planning of Cloud Roadmap

A thorough evaluation of your infrastructure, apps, and procedures is the first step in moving to the cloud operating model. Together, we will thoroughly examine your IT environment and business goals, and we'll plan the transfer and/or creation of cloud applications in accordance with your most pressing business needs and organizational capacity.

Migration to Cloud

You may simply re-host some of your systems on the cloud infrastructure without making any modifications to the application code. In order to fulfill a deadline, an organization may need to migrate old workloads out of their data centers. Alternatively, an organization may need to move swiftly and simply to the cloud in order to continue developing cloud software in the future.
Although the lift-and-shift strategy does not fully use the cloud's capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and value, it can be the starting point for a cloud transformation journey that is followed by progressive application optimization and more reliance on cloud-native services.

Application Modernization (Re-engineering)

Reengineering entails more substantial alterations to the program's code and design, such as turning a monolithic application into a microservices-based (or serverless) architecture to facilitate future development and/or make system integration easier. This strategy helps to enhance flexibility, agility, and scalability by enabling greater integration with cloud-native capabilities and services.

Cloud-Native Development

Systems that fully utilize cloud capabilities reach their best levels of scalability, cost effectiveness, and agility (ability to be changed quickly to test ideas and respond to opportunities). Microservices are typically used to build cloud- native applications, which are then packaged in containers or managed using server less architectures and agile DevOps procedures. Digital Errors creates and delivers cloud-native solutions as part of its cloud application development services to assist our clients in achieving important business goals. We do this by delivering current DevOps automation and tooling, cloud security best practices, and cloud-specific expertise to their internal teams.

Cloud Integration

Many businesses that run a hybrid mix of apps hosted both on-premises and in the cloud struggle to have crucial data transferred and synced in real-time. Modern businesses use integrated cloud systems as a solution for operational nimbleness, scalability, and flexibility since they stitch a hybrid deployment together and/or bring numerous public clouds to a common standard. Experts at Digital Errors also design and carry out correct cloud integrations in addition to providing cloud application development services. We help businesses synchronize and link several dissimilar systems, settings, and tools into a single, coherent architecture so that business users can safely access data in real-time from any device and maximize its value.

Cloud Security

Companies that move their applications onto the cloud frequently list security as one of their top considerations. Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are the three kinds of cloud services that are susceptible to security concerns. Digital Errors offers a variety of cloud security testing services as a provider with more than ten years of expertise in cybersecurity. Digital Errors professionals do cloud audits, or "white box" infrastructure evaluations, and cloud penetration testing by simulating a genuine assault on a cloud infrastructure hosted by a provider of choice in order to make sure cloud-based systems are trustworthy and well- protected (AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, among others). You may always rely on the vast competence of Digital Errors professionals in cloud security consulting.

Cloud Analytics

Businesses with extensive and diverse analytics needs, whose data is housed on the cloud, choose cloud analytics, also known as business intelligence (BI). The right tools for cloud analytics will be provided to you by Digital Errors, a vendor with many years of experience in cloud solutions development services, including data warehouses and data marts as well as custom cloud- based data analytics apps that meet the needs of business users, analytics, and clients.

Well-Architected Review of Cloud App

Companies may evaluate their cloud-based architecture in comparison to the most recent best practices for managing workloads in the cloud using the Well-Architected Review, or WAR. The word was created by the AWS experts who created the well designed framework. At Digital Errors, we conduct well- architected evaluations that are independent of the cloud and produce thorough findings and suggestions to enhance the operational excellence, security, dependability, performance effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of your app.