Import & Export Agent / Sourcing Service


We provide a full range of services, from sourcing,warehousing to packing, customs clearance, vanning, and shipping arrangements, and we also handle all kinds of air and sea imports and exports.

We propose packaging materials, export packaging, and international logistics to meet the needs of our customers and expand the value of our products by transporting them to their destinations.

Services & Capabilities

Product Development and Sourcing

From the concept and design phase to sampling through the production process, TSC handles and provides a complete end-to-end manufacturing service. We have long-standing ties with the best manufacturers in,
• China
• Germany
• Taiwan
• Italy
• Singapore
• Dubai
• Vietnam
• Indonesia
• Bangladesh
• India
• South Korea
• Japan
And many more to ensure that you won't miss out on quality.
Some industries we cover are given below:
• Food & Beverage
• General Goods
• Machinery
• Apparel Products
• Chemical and Material
• Used Goods / Machinery
• Used Smartphone etc.

Product Design & Marketing

The combination of our understanding of your client demographic and in-house graphic design team sets us apart from other suppliers. Our designers have a strong track record of following product briefs and style guides to produce a finished product.

Supply Chain & Warehousing

Our systematic ordering procedures ensure we deliver consistent quality. We manage high product volumes from our larger corporate clients and also dropship products from our warehouse. Our local team acts as buying agents with our suppliers in China and Indonesia to ensure transparency for our clients.

Optimal Quality Inspection

Quality assurance is a crucial process step for all modern production systems. Availability and low pseudo-waste when checking qualitative requirements are highly significant here. Quality inspection systems are used for a wide variety of applications such as the production of single parts, the assembly of components as well as the inspection of finished products before packaging.

Shipping & Logistics

One of the pitfalls of other sourcing companies is that they can’t oversee the whole lifetime process from material sourcing to shipping a finished product. Through our network of suppliers that we have long relationships with and a super dedicated ground team, we can ensure that your product flows smoothly through each stage.

Order Process

Our commitment to giving our clients quality and value is what distinguishes us as a top firm. All of our staff members have more than five years of legal expertise.



Contact us so that we can talk about the details of your product, the delivery schedule, and the quantity.


After talking through your product specifications with our network of factories, our staff will put together a price for you.

Confirm Order/Design

Depending on your request, a custom design could be necessary. Before sampling and manufacturing, approval is necessary.


Once you are satisfied with your estimate and design, you deposit to start your purchase.


Most production varies between 3-5 weeks.

Quality Control

A team member will do a thorough QC report as production draws to a close to make sure the order is accurate and the first sample is accurate.

Balance Payment

Your purchase may only be shipped once the balance has been paid and you are satisfied with the manufacturing outcomes.

Shipping & Storage

Orders are delivered by air or sea freight. Additionally, we have a warehouse where we can combine any orders.