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About The Customer

Industry: eCommerce

The customer is a well-known eCommerce company operating across the USA. With its extensive product line and effective services, it has been catering to a diverse audience for more than 15 years. With interesting posts, advertising campaigns, and content, the organization has been showing its active presence on social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). It has a sizable social media user base that routinely engages with the company regarding its goods and services.

Key Challenges

  • After collecting a variety of data from varied social media platforms, the major challenge was to perform analysis on this bulk of data with multiple terminologies
  • Even while creating visual effects, it would also happen that the end-user may not understand these visualized terminologies
  • The client was in need of a robust business intelligence solution that can offer social media insights into how well the interaction is helping the organization in terms of growing its business, meeting targets, connecting with customers/prospects, areas that need improvement, etc. They needed to visualize and analyze social media metrics, to enable detailed understanding between the organization and its social media userbase

Our Solution

Digital Errors assisted the customer by providing them with a thorough and simple-to-understand Social Media Dashboard that covers numerous social media metrics data in response to the problems.

Getting value out of data based on multiple social networks over various durations is the goal of a social media analytics dashboard. This study is crucial for delineating social media development and assisting in the acquisition of business insights.

Social Media Dashboard Key Features

  • Cleansing the data with Power Query and DAX and make a dimension table
  • Understanding social media terminologies used while creating a dashboard
  • Drill down feature for more insights in the form of Donut Chart as Tooltip, along with other metrics to discover insights

Showing a variety of information in the form of reports/dashboards:

    • Month-Year wise data
    • Comparing current month vs previous month for important measures such as KPI
  • Facebook report that focuses on advertisements/marketing campaigns performance with important metrics to track social media performance like impressions, engagement, engagement rate, CTR (Click Through Rate), reach, etc. The Facebook reports are shown at two levels – page level and post level
  • Twitter report that focuses on user engagement with metrics like impressions, engagement, likes, replies, retweets, engagement rate, a hashtag used, etc.
    • This report is shown as two sections – summary and tweet
    • In the Twitter summary report, the user can compare multiple measures within a single visual
    • Custom visual lollipop chart in a Twitter report for better visualization
  • LinkedIn reports show different metrics by followers and visitors, depending upon selection from the dropdown list which user can select from the dropdown to view visual according to it



Social Media Dashboard Business Benefits

  • Social media analytics dashboard/performance reports offer a wealth of information, helping the organization generate more leads and cultivate long-lasting client relationships
  • Effective and well-optimized reports with rich graphical displays
  • Enhanced insights of social media platform to make optimal decisions in enhancing business and customer base
  • Strong decision making to grow or focus on target customer group and social media platforms that are beneficial to grow business
  • Reduces report load time and query time to a few minutes and seconds, respectively
  • Power BI compresses data thereby reducing storage to less than 5% when compared with competing data visualization platforms

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