Business Intelligence For A Due Diligence Company

About the Customer

The customer works in a sector that provides services related to asset due diligence and management monitoring. Biggest management experts that work for some of the top global financial software businesses support the customer. They provide a flexible and automatic assessment of funds that comprises a workflow management system, analytics, an automatic flexible response system, and a due diligence questionnaire engine. As part of their own online application, the client has integrated some Tableau analysis to track assets and fund managers.

Key Challenges

As the actions progress, a sizable amount of data is generated. The key issue was to improve dashboards that manage a lot of data and have sophisticated graphics when they are loaded so that they do so quickly and efficiently.

Showcasing the following in the complex dashboards/reports was a challenge:

  • User-specific data visualization
  • Analysis using dynamic parameters passed from the web app using embedded analytics
  • Dashboard navigation/loading with clicks only

Our Solution

Our solution was based on Tableau as the main technology and showcased the following features:

  • Hosting Tableau Server and Microsoft SQL Server (Amazon EC2 – Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • 11 different types of dashboards, important of them being activity tracking management, review and finding dashboard, etc. These dashboards are then embedded seamlessly into their web application.
  • Redirection to another dashboard on clicking chart option, opening it within the same web page using dashboard actions
  • Implementation of logic to show the visualization of a user’s data to maintain security and data privacy
  • Optimization process to increase the performance of all dashboards

Business Benefits

  • Effective and well-optimized dashboards with rich graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Realtime status of assigned user activities
  • Maximizes efficiency level of assessment processes
  • Efficient monitoring of submission and completion range of questions
  • Easy tracking of progress of managers in different stages
  • Flexible management of reviews and issues based on different criteria
  • A quick analysis of managers’ responses

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