Snakeminia is one of the much-lauded NFT gaming platforms that is highly inspired by a 30 years old snake game. Snakeminia backed by blockchain technology. The plan to merge trending technologies with age-old games to keep the gamer's spirit alive in snake games. Therefore the approach DigitalErrors Solution to build a scalable and reliable platform that can meet gamers' and the company’s expectations.

Our Strategy


We embark on our research with thorough research and planning. As soon as our expertise understands the client's requirement, we start conducting market analysis and find out what customers are expecting on a new platform and how we can provide a better environment for their smooth gaming experience. We created a list of must-have features in the platform and supported clients' required features. Our team discussed this with the client, and on their approval, we started building the Snakeminia app from the ground.

  • UX




Roushia Bhurt and Davy Jones were looking for blockchain experts who can build a gaming app from scratch. They have a roadmap like choosing ethereum blockchain technology, offering reward points, multiple crypto payment/acceptance options and a set of advanced features. Therefore, we have a huge challenge to meet clients' expectations and stay with the desired technology only.


We feel a great privilege to deliver a results-oriented platform to our clients. Their platform is undergoing testing stages and is ready to deliver soon.

It takes us 5 weeks to build their project from ground level, and we are proud to say that the client is satisfied with the outcomes. The client also keeps checking testing stages and planning to launch with solid marketing plans.


Gaming Experience

During the journey of game development, we focus on a smooth user experience that should be simple and cool, yet addictive. Your audience can feel like you are in a retro era, therefore, we developed 4 different worlds - Classic Snake, Retro Snake, Snake on Steroids, and Snake Master to keep the users engaged with different targets. The snake rewind option is another icing on the cake feature that allows users to go back and collect all the coins & fruits.


Earning Model

As the platform is Play2Earn, we cannot avoid the phenomenon of earning for gamers and builders. Therefore as discussed with the client, we integrated various reward options in cryptocurrency. Players can also win trending NFTs after reaching a certain level. Whereas companies can sell various snake skins, levels skip options and lifelines to boost snake life.


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